Welcoming French students into Phoenix area families for over 25 years!

About Us

Our History

Bonjour Phoenix partners exclusively with ATL (Active Travel and Language) to provide student travel and student/family experiences across countries and continents. ATL is based out of Paris, France. Together, Bonjour Phoenix and ATL have fostered inter-country educational experiences for over 25 years. High school aged students have had the opportunity to experience the American way of life, strengthen their English skills, and share their own culture with loving host families. 

Get Involved

Bonjour Phoenix is looking for volunteer host families who are excited to host a French student for 3 weeks in July. This opportunity is a great chance to build an international friendship and will help shape the student's first experience in Arizona and possibly even America!

2019 Dates

Students arrive July 6, 2019 and will depart July 27, 2019